24/7 Managed Services

It’s time to make running your business easier and safer

Cloud Server Techs are pleased to offer our business clients our hassle-free Managed Services. Stop stressing out about downtime and technology troubles and leave the management, monitoring and maintenance of your IT to our experienced technicians instead.

Why outsource your IT to Cloud Server Techs?

Unlike the traditional break/fix approach, a Managed Service Provider looks after your IT proactively, instead of you needing to call him when something goes wrong. We work around the clock - 24/7/365 and what that means for you is that if problems occur we will be able to address them remotely, right away. No more waiting for an IT guy to schedule an appointment and eventually turn up; we will always be available to stop potential issues from becoming big problems that cause downtime, data loss, and security breaches.

How 24/7 Managed IT Services from Cloud Server Techs can help your business:

  • ​​​​​Eliminate costly repairs - proactive monitoring and maintenance stops minor issues becoming major disasters
  • ​​​​​Improved performance - when we look after your systems proactively you can say goodbye to slow systems and downtime
  • ​​​​​Your IT department - we work as your IT partner 24/7 - but for a fraction of the cost of hiring staff in-house
  • ​​​​​Rapid support - by accessing your network remotely we’ll be able to keep disruptions and wait times to a minimum
  • ​​​​​Budget better - our predictable flat rate fee means you know exactly what you’ll be paying for support or repair at the end of the month
  • ​​​​​Grow your business - stop worrying about your IT and spend more time looking after and growing your business
  • ​​​​​Enhanced security - when our experts are keeping an eye on your systems, you’ll be far better protected against attacks and predators

If you’re a small to large-sized business in the United States that would benefit from Managed IT Services, talk to the experts at Cloud Server Techs today.